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About Us

We are two brothers who share the vision of creating the best handmade ice cream and doughnuts of vegetable origin, using high quality ingredients. The experience we want to provide in our space is the feeling of being served by the family. At Scoop 'n Dough, kindness and affection prevail and that is why we prefer to have more than just customers - we have a community.


A King's College London graduate and sports nutritionist by profession, Darchite went through clubs like SL Benfica and Estoril FC, until his passion for ice cream spoke louder. After becoming vegan in 2015, he missed eating ice creams that were creamy and had texture. From here, he spent 3 years studying ice cream and preparing the recipes that delight people these days.


Medical doctor by profession, studied at the Faculty of Medicine of Lisbon. He's been passionate about cooking from an early age. Following the example of his brother, he became vegan and, as soon as the idea to create Scoop 'n Dough came up, he took responsibility for the conception of the doughnuts. It's through him that new flavours of doughnuts come up

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