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25 €

Ofereça uma prenda única com os Gift Cards da Scoop! Escolha um valor e escreva uma mensagem personalizada para que o vale-presente tenha um toque pessoal!...

25 €
50 €
100 €
150 €
200 €

By purchasing, receiving and/or using the Gift Card, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

1. The Scoop n Dough Gift Card may be used to pay for products exclusively in our Restauradores store, excluding online purchases through the website. This use can be done once or several times, until the value of the Gift Card is exhausted. The amount will be deducted manually and signed in a copy of the receipt as it is used. Signed coupons will be retained at Scoop 'n Dough until final use of credit. As the gift card system is processed manually, the cardholder will only be able to check the balance in writing via email.  


2. The Gift Card does not grant any right to reimbursement in cash or any other means of payment.

3. The Gift Card is the property of the respective holder, without any associated identification of its holder. In case of loss, theft, theft or loss of the card, the issuance of any duplicate of the Gift Card to Scoop n Dough cannot be claimed, nor any compensation or indemnity claimed to Scoop n Dough.

4. The Gift Card is valid for 1 (one) year from the day it is purchased.


5. Returns of the value of the Gift Card will not be accepted either to the holder or to the person who purchased it.

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